Our team is always able and willing to respond to the Clients requirement to deliver a focused approach and service. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure projects progress through construction, especially during procurement, to deliver value for money. Our extensive project experience has equipped our team with a range of skills which are necessary to deliver the project.

Jaskaran Singh "Billy" - Managing Director

Billy is experienced in both project and site management. He started work as a Groundworks Engineer, and over the years developed an experienced and dedicated team. His responsibilities include business development, commercial improvements and staff training. He also ensures that company policy is implemented and always looks to develop strategic plans to enhance the company. He is an extremely driven individual, promoting a positive can do attitude.

Kiran Johal

A co-founding Director, Kiran has been a huge driving force behind the growth of the JB1 Group. With years of experience working in both strategic and administrative roles within the business, Kiran's driven, yet positive attitude helps set the culture here at JB1.

Paul Lawton - Commercial Manager

Paul is responsible for key commercial activities such as deal structuring and new proposition development relating to new projects at JB Construction 1 Ltd. His eye for detail and methodical approach ensure that no stone is left unturned throughout the process, ensuring we can deliver on our promises to clients.

Mark Virgo - Contracts Manager, Midlands and Wales

Responsible for overseeing projects throughout the South West region, Mark brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with over 30 years of industry experience. Specialising in Civil Engineering & Groundworks projects, Mark is responsible for overseeing projects from start through to completion in the region and is the main point of contact for clients. With a methodical and pro-active approach, Mark ensures that all projects run smoothly, using his experience to anticipate potential issues.

Charles Lawton - Contracts Manager, South East England

Overseeing projects throughout the South East region, Charles brings a positive and pragmatic approach with nearly 10 years of industry experience. After finishing education, Charles was quickly identified as a “Rising Star”, as he started his career in the construction industry. This is where he was hand-picked to join the JB team. With a strong personal development plan in place and under the mentorship of senior members of the team, his ability and commitment saw him flourish to be a well-respected member of the team.

Pat Foreman - Contracts Manager, Highways

As our Highways specialist, Pat is responsible for managing the construction and planning adoption of roads and other infrastructure elements of our projects. With a wide range of experience gathered throughout his 30 years in the industry, Pat is an extremely knowledgeable and well-respected member of the team. His dedication to getting the job done to the right level is infectious. Pat always completes the projects he is responsible for on-time and to budget.

Matt Owen - Contracts Manager, Midlands & East of England

Looking after projects throughout the Midlands and East of England regions, Matt has a keen eye for detail and a strong presence on site which has been gained throughout his 22 years of industry experience. With a solid background as an Engineer, Matt has a unique understanding that allows him to understand the requirements for complex projects and manage his team to deliver them on time and to budget. With a strong focus on Health and Safety on site, clients can rest assure they are in safe hands with Matt looking after their project.

Kevin Tirbuck - Health and Safety

The Health & Safety Team monitors safety performance and ensure all projects comply with Health & Safety Legislation. They conduct formal site audits and regular inspections, with a keen attention to detail when identifying hazards. They also produce method statements for construction activities and ensure these are briefed to the project teams.

Amreet Kaur - HR Team

The HR Team are responsible for implementing policies, developing HR planning strategies and managing all recruitment activity. It is important to ensure the right balance of staff are employed in terms of skill and experience. The correct training and development opportunities are identified and made available to enhance performance and achieve in line with the company’s objectives.

Sahib "Sib" Singh - Office Manager

Sib manages all head office functions, and our back office team. From Plant and Procurement, to Payroll and HR. His broad knowledge gained through experience provides on the spot support and advice to all of our staff and site teams. Sib is open minded and flexible in his approach to supporting sites, ensuring a can do attitude is always applied.