Civil Engineering runs through the heart of what we do at JB Construction 1 and is integral to our company. Our Civil Engineering services encompass a broad range of activities from – roads to car parks, service yards, bulk excavations and earthworks operations, foundations and structures. We have extensive experience in developing retail stores which includes new roads, sewers, utility & drainage works, highway surfacing works and landscaping works.

We have a dedicated team, ready to listen to your project requirements with expertise to hand; providing guidance and best practice.

We exploit our strong engineering culture so we know how to best use our technical skills and add real value to projects.
Civil Engineering makes a valuable contribution to the health of the economy and businesses, and improves the quality of life within communities, but only if it is done properly.

We recognise that every project brings a unique set of challenges and needs. We are experienced in delivering successful solutions through the provision of integrated engineering solutions which realise the full value from a project whilst, at the same time, making the most efficient use of financial, human and natural resources.

Our team has particular expertise in highways design for roads, pavements, bridges, Section 278 Agreements and in earthworks engineering, cut and fill assessments, sustainable drainage systems, and external works.

We have been providing our customers the highest standards of Civil Engineering over the years. Our company and expertise has grown considerably, but we always look to build on our reputation, working with clients as a team, providing industry-leading technology and skills to deliver finished products that exceed expectations.

We are able to undertake varied and specialised projects focusing on safety, training and communications providing our clients with peace of mind.

Contact our team and receive a quote for your project and let us handle the rest.